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LETTER TO MEMBERS OF CROSS TIMBERS WATER SUPPLY CORPORATION   IMPACT OF REFURBISHMENT OF THE ELEVATED WATER TANK   The Board of Directors and Management of Cross Timbers Water Supply Corporation wish to advise you of a pending action that may affect your water supply, fire protection, and water use for a 3-4 month period beginning October 15, 2014.   Cross Timbers Water has attempted to construct a second elevated water tank in the Bartonville area since 2010. The Town of Bartonville has not yet approved a Conditional Use Permit for completing the new elevated water tank. Despite our best efforts, the existing water tank has to be refurbished in order to maintain its integrity and safety as a water storage unit. This type of tank normally requires this work every 15 years. The tank has been in continuous service for over 18 years. Repairs can no longer be delayed. The demand for water drops off during the fall and winter period in our service area so we will take our elevated water tank out of service now in order for it to be ready by early next year.   Cross Timbers Water has coordinated with Denton County Freshwater District 6 & 7 to use their elevated water tank for a short period. All water will come from this tank during the refurbishment period, which will take 3-4 months, depending on weather. We will begin October 15, 2014, and finish by the first of the year or shortly thereafter. What does this mean for you as Members?  
  • All water supplied will be surface water from the Upper Trinity Regional Water District. There would be no water supplied by any of Cross Timbers’ water wells.
  • Depending upon water demand from the elevated tank at any point in time, there may be differences in water pressure at various locations throughout the territory served.
  • Should there be a building fire or grass fire requiring large amounts of water, there may not be enough water or water pressure to meet your domestic use. It is possible that, depending upon the size of the fire, the elevated water tank will not be able to provide enough water or water pressure to meet the demands caused by the fire. Although both of these situations are remote, the possibility exists that they could occur.
  • As a result, we implemented Stage 3 water restrictions effective October 20, 2014 in order to distribute water adequately and equally to each Member. Should there continue to be high demand, we may have to implement Stage 4 to ensure a supply of water for our Members.  Check out the Water Demand Management Plan by clicking on the More Info button to the right.
  • Cross Timbers Water Supply Corporation will continue to read your meters, respond to all customer service requests, maintain and repair the water lines, meters, and distribution system as is done today. Cross Timbers Water will do the billing.
  We ask that you please practice water conservation during this period to ensure a safe and adequate supply of water for all Members. Check back here for updates as the work progresses. We appreciate your cooperation.   Sincerely,   Cross Timbers Water Supply Corporation Board of Directors and Management
NEW BILLING FEATURE AVAILABLE - Electronic billing is now available for your use.  If you select this, you will receive notice via email, text message or both when your bill is prepared.  In addition, you will receive reminder notices prior to the due date of the 25th of the month advising you your bill is due shortly.  More information is available under the Pay Your Bill Online icon.
  • We have completed coating 95% of the elevated tank with a new protective lining. 
  • During this time period when our water usage is lower, we have taken the opportunity to inspect, clean and repair any wear and tear on our nine other storage tanks. 
  • Cooler weather has slowed the work on the elevated tank somewhat, but we still remain on schedule for a January completion. 
  • We'll continue to update this space as we progress.

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