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ANNUAL MEETING OF THE MEMBERSHIP SCHEDULED FOR APRIL 26, 2016 AT THE OFFICES OF THE CROSS TIMBERS WSC - 2032 E HICKORY HILL RD, ARGYLE, TX --   ELECTION OF TWO MEMBERS TO THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS There were only two applications received for the two open positions on the Board of Directors.  In accordance with the Texas Water Code Section 67.055 an unopposed election does not require a proxy vote and the unopposed candidates can be elected by Resolution by the Board of Directors.  At the March 14, 2016 regular monthly meeting of the Board of Directors the below Resolution was passed declaring the two candidates elected.  This Resolution will be read into the minutes of the Annual Meeting scheduled for Tuesday, April 26, 2016.

NEW BILLING FEATURE AVAILABLE - Paperless billing is now available for your use.  If you select this, you will receive notice via email, text message or both when your bill is prepared.  In addition, you will receive reminder notices prior to the due date of the 25th of the month advising you your bill is due shortly.  Over 190 of your fellow Members now have the convenience of receiving their bills this way.  Won't you join them?  More information is available under the Pay Your Bill Online icon.   Some of the many benefits of online bill payment:
  • FAST - Electronic payments post to your account immediately.  You can see the payment applied against your account in seconds.
  • CONVENIENCE - Eliminate stamps, writing checks, and sealing envelopes.  No need to worry about checks being lost in the mail or being delivered late.
  • EMAIL ALERTS - By signing up for paperless billing, you receive notices via text or email.  You know when your bill is ready to view and when it's time to pay.
  • VIEW ONLINE PAYMENT ACTIVITY - Your payment and billing history is available when you need it.
  • CONTROL - You control when payments are made.  You can pay via credit/debit cards or via EFT through your bank.  You can also set up automatic payments wherein the amount is deducted on the due date of the bill (25th of each month).
  • PAYMENTS ALWAYS ARRIVE ON TIME - There are no mail delays, and the payment status is more accurate.
WATER QUALITY REPORT AVAILABLE NOW.  The 2014 Water Quality Report (Consumer Confidence Report is available by going to the Reports and News tab above and clicking on the Consumer Confidence Report.  That will open a new tab with the reports from 2011-2014 for your review and information.  CTWSC's Board of Directors and Staff are pleased to report that the water provided meets all Federal (EPA) Drinking Water Requirements.  More details as to what was tested and the results of those tests are available in the report.  Should you wish to receive a paper copy, please contact the office at 940-584-0780 or email us at admin@crosstimberswater.com.   
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The next meeting of the Board of Directors will be on April 26, 2016 immediately following the Annual Meeting.



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