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Quality You Can Count On
We publish the results of our water analysis program
in a yearly Consumer Confidence Report.
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Quality You Can Count On
We publish the results of our water analysis program
in a yearly Consumer Confidence Report.
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REMINDER:  If you are on a sewer or an aerobic sewer system, please do not flush disinfectant wipes or or any paper products except toilet paper.

While these items are a “hot commodity”, it’s important that we remind people that flushing these in the toilet will cause costly wastewater system issues, including potential back-ups in their home. Visit for more information.

Cross Timbers Water Supply Corporation is considered an essential business remaining open during the COVID-19 pandemic, because water utilities are essential to serving communities. Our Corporation strives to make decisions that balance the safety of our employees with our commitments to our Members and customers in the community.  We will continue to follow all CDC and government guidelines and will make business changes when needed.  Cross Timbers Water Supply Corporation will always cooperate with law enforcement and other government personnel and with applicable laws.

WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION’s March, 2020 Technical Brief:  Persistence of the COVID-19 virus in drinking-water, feces/sewage and surfaces (WHO) – “While persistence in drinking-water is possible, there is no current evidence that surrogate human coronaviruses are present in surface or groundwater sources or transmitted through contaminated drinking-water.  COVID-19 virus is an enveloped virus, with a fragile outer membrane. Enveloped viruses, generally, are less stable in the environment and are more susceptible to oxidants, like chlorine.” All Cross Timbers WSC water is treated with chlorine and laboratory-tested weekly to ensure contaminants are not present.  Water is an essential service and Cross Timbers WSC is well-prepared to manage its response to COVID-19Cross Timbers WSC has an existing emergency response plan and is continuing to modify and update, as needed, in response to the most current available information.  Cross Timbers WSC has back-up power and in emergency situations can be operated with a small number of staff.

U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) and Water:  March 13, 2020

  • The COVID-19 virus has not been detected in drinking water.  Conventional water treatment methods that use filtration and disinfection, such as those in most municipal drinking water systems, should remove or inactivate the virus that causes COVID-19.
  • The risk of transmission of COVID-19 from the feces of an infected person is also unknown. The risk is expected to be low, however, based on data from previous outbreaks of related coronaviruses.  There have been no reports of fecal-oral transmission of COVID-19 to date.
  • At this time, the risk of transmission of the virus that causes COVID-19 through sewage systems is thought to be low.  Although transmission of COVID-19 through sewage may be possible, there is no evidence to date that this has occurred. SARS, a similar coronavirus, has been detected in untreated sewage for up to 2 to 14 days with documented transmission associated with sewage aerosols (source: CDC).

Cross Timbers WSC will continue to monitor the situation and post any updates on this web site.

Based on the above information and in accordance with state and federal guidelines, the Board of Directors postponed the Annual Meeting scheduled for April 20, 2020 until a later date.  Details related to the Annual Meeting including a time, place, and agenda will be provided 30 days prior to the scheduled meeting.  We continue to work diligently to ensure you have a safe and adequate supply of water.  Cross Timbers WSC thanks you for your cooperation during this difficult time.


NEW BILLING FEATURE AVAILABLE – Paperless billing is now available for your use. If you select this, you will receive notice via email, text message or both when your bill is prepared. In addition, you will receive reminder notices prior to the due date of the 25th of the month advising you your bill is due shortly. Over 1,215 of your fellow Members now have the convenience of receiving their bills this way. Won’t you join them? More information is available under the Pay Your Bill Online icon.

Some of the many benefits of online bill payment:

  • FAST – Electronic payments post to your account immediately. You can see the payment applied against your account in seconds.
  • CONVENIENCE – Eliminate stamps, writing checks, and sealing envelopes. No need to worry about checks being lost in the mail or being delivered late.
  • EMAIL ALERTS – By signing up for paperless billing, you receive notices via text or email. You know when your bill is ready to view and when it’s time to pay.
  • VIEW ONLINE PAYMENT ACTIVITY – Your payment and billing history is available when you need it.  Details for each bill are available online and for the past four years for comparative purposes.
  • CONTROL – You control when payments are made. You can pay via credit/debit cards or via EFT through your bank. You can also set up automatic payments wherein the amount is deducted on the due date of the bill (25th of each month).
  • PAYMENTS ALWAYS ARRIVE ON TIME – There are no mail delays, and the payment status is more accurate.

2032 E Hickory Hill Rd, Argyle, TX 76226-3125  –  Phone:  940-584-0780

Please note that the “Doxo”  web site is not affiliated in any way with Cross Timbers Water for making payments.  Cross Timbers Water cannot guarantee that any payments made through the Doxo site will be credited to your account before they are due.  Please use the “Pay Your Bill Online” box above to make payments and ensure your payment will be received and credited to your account correctly.

Latest News

  • The next regular meeting of the Board of Directors will be on May 18, 2020 at the Corporation’s offices.
  • At the Regularly Board Meeting on March 16, 2020, the Board elected by resolution the two candidates for Board Member.  Attached is the resolution passed by the Board.
  • Our latest Water Quality Report has been posted.  Click on the Water Quality Reports box above to see our 2018 report.  Our 2019 Report will be available in late May 2020.
  • Conservation Tips & Identifying Water Leaks – See Other News under Reports and News for these and other topics of interest
  • A Landowner’s Bill of Rights has been added under the Other News Tab

    • Cross Timbers Water Supply Corporation and the parties to the various lawsuits have settled the various lawsuits.  Cross Timbers Water Supply will soon begin the final phases of construction to place the water tower in service.


  • Residents who live in a community that receives treated water from Upper Trinity (you do) can sign up to receive a FREE Irrigation System Check-Up by a Licensed Irrigator! Simply click this link and fill out the Request Form and Upper Trinity will contact you!  This is now available for your use.
  • Check your irrigation system for leaks.  Go through the stations and run each one for a minute to see if you have broken sprinkler heads or areas where no sprinkling occurs indicating a broken pipe underground.  Shut your sprinkler system off for 2-3 days if rain is anticipated or rain has occurred.  Lawns sprinkled twice a week will survive better than a lawn sprinkled every day.
  • Upper Trinity now has a YouTube channel with four new videos related to water conservation.  Upper Trinity’s YouTube channel can be found at videos are:“Know When to Water and When to Wait” – Promoting ‘Water My Yard’ weekly watering recommendations.“Cycle & Soak to Save Water on Your Lawn” – Describing the Cycle & Soak efficient watering method to reduce water from running off the lawn.“What Do You Plant in the Shade” – Encouraging residents to place native and adapted plants in the right place to save water.“Maintain Your Sprinklers to Avoid Wasting Water” – Encouraging residents to fix and adjust sprinkler system components as needed to avoid wasting water.

What is Your Water IQ?

Approval received for Construction Assistance Cross Timbers Water Supply Corporation has received approval on its Application for Assistance in the amount of $2,000,100 from the United States Department of Agriculture, Rural Development, for construction of water distribution system improvements. Cross Timbers WSC will use the funds to build, repair, and improve its public water system and other related costs. The projects will consist of constructing approximately 20,000 linear feet of new 8” and 6” PVC water distribution lines in selected portions of the system to provide for continuous and adequate water service and provide for fire flow protection within these areas. In addition, the new lines will replace small diameter (2”, 3”, & 4”) distribution lines currently in place.